Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mixtape Monday: Radiator Sister

H E A T  W A V E
am i rite?

old and new songs --> have fun! 

1. Radiator Sister (Field Days Remix) - The Mynabirds (so hot!)
2. Quaterback - Kopecky Family Band
3. The Man Who Lives Forever - Lord Huron
4. Time Will Wait - Kristen Diable
5. Semantics - The Mynabirds (seeing them in Sept!)
6. Queen of Peace - Florence + the Machine
7. Yellow Eyes - Rayland Baxter
8. Caught - Florence + the Machine
9. Mama Knows - Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
10. Fennario - Gill Landry
11. St. Roch Blues - Hurray for the Riff Raff (NOLA music)
12. Kalena Kai - Keola Beamer & George Winston
13. Lava - Kuana Torres Kahele, Napua Greig & James Ford Murphy (from the heartwarming Pixar short before Inside Out)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Skógafoss & Skaftafell, Iceland: Day 6

  Svartifoss roading
queue: Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
 ^ Skógafoss >
skogafoss skogafoss
moss covered rocks, bouncy, squishy
skaftafell moss roading
Day 6 in Iceland began with a 4.5 hour drive to Skaftafell (with stops along the way of course - sights, candy, hot dogs). Skógafoss, another MASSIVE waterfall, was a must see. 
We got out of the car a lot along the way and at one extra desolate area got out IN THE MIDDLE road and took some pictures of us jumping for joy. Really expressing our true emotions of this trip. 
We made it to our camping grounds at Vatnajökull National Park (hello wifi and clean showers, I could camp all the time). Since we still had several hours left of full sunlight we hiked to Svartifoss, a beautiful basalt column waterfall. That hike was a great glute workout if you know what I mean. 
The ONLY restaurant open for dinner was connected to a gas station (in Iceland that usually means it's going to good food) and we had the most amazing lamb burgers with bechamel sauce.  
Full and tired, we Vern assembled our tent for the night. These new brands the kids have these days are fool-proof, I was surprised by how quickly it could be put together. 
I don't think either of us slept at all, between the whole never getting dark thing and a bird called a Snipe circling our tent all night. Y'all this bird. We wanted to kill it. We thought it was a drone/dragonfly/sheep (delirious at that point). This bird sounded like a SHEEP. Listen
Anyway we learned our lesson for the next night - ear plugs. 

skaftafell moss rocks moss rocks skaftafell glacier
off roading at 11 pm

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Pins {Pinterest}

Attempting to make these pins come to life this summer.
above: Give me a salt water beach please, and a drink in a pineapple {source / pin it}
below: Tropical Fruit and Yogurt Bowl {source / pin it} // Coconut-Mango White Rum Pops {source / pin it}

above: {source / pin it}
below: love the bird, and it's shadow {source / pin it}

above: Marrakesh Sangria {source / pin it} // a Midsummer picnic {source / pin it}
below: {source / pin it}

summer breakfasts {source / pin it} // Thai Watermelon Salad {source / pin it}

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mixtape Monday: Summer Nights

Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend :)

I made this collection of summer-y songs just for you. Enjoy. 

1. Dreams - Beck (This quite the departure from his last record that I really loved. I can't wait to hear more from his up-coming album, it's dance ready. Definitely a song of the summer contender.)
2. Show Me the Way - Penguin Prison
3. Share the World - SPZRKT
4. Skeletons - Trails and Ways
5. Lonely Town - Brandon Flowers (so 80's)
6. Nothing Without Love - Nate Ruess (fun.'s leading man)
7. The Fool - Ryn Weaver (for fans of: Regina Spektor and Ellie Goulding)
8. Happy - Marina and the Diamonds
9. What This World Is Coming To (feat. Beck) - Nate Ruess
10. Black Blood - Jessie Baylin
11. Archie, Marry Me - Alvvays (so 90's)
12. A New Wave - Sleater-Kinney

Friday, June 26, 2015

Seljalandsfoss & Seljavallalaug, Iceland: Day 5

seljalandfoss seljalandfoss seljalandfoss
Africa, right?
seljalandfoss seljalandfoss farm goat
lil' goat
vern trek
2 women, finding themselves in the Icelandic wilderness...a book is bound to be written
hike hike
I was in Iceland on my 26th birthday, which wasn't intentional, but the dates and flights just worked out that way. It was wonderful. Woke up and ate my favorite Scandinavian open faced sandwich breakfast, Vern made me hold the Icelandic flag while doing so (it's a Danish thing...).
We head down to Seljalandsfoss (btw "foss" = waterfall) to admire the grandeur of it all. Not that I have seen a waterfall in Africa, but I did feel like I was looking at waterfall in Africa. It's a very humbling experience (all the waterfalls in Iceland are). After exploring the falls, we got hot dogs for lunch. Truly, that never got old - (waterfalls &) hot dogs.
We heard of this hot spring that you can hike to that was near by, Seljavallalaug. The trek there felt like being in a Peter Jackson movie. Stunning. Quiet. Desolate. Like the books said, there is no sign that you are anywhere near the pool until you literally see the pool, which appears out of thin air.
We changed into our swimsuits and quickly got in the pool. We were there for probably 3 hours till we were good and prune-y. People came and went. Swimming in a hot spring surrounded by majestic mountains in Iceland has made it into my top 5 LIFE experiences thus far. I only wish we were sipping on gin and tonics. 
We made our way back to the car and headed to this cowshed restaurant, Gamla Fjósið, for dinner. Burgers again. They were delish. As were the gin and tonics. As were the 3 different desserts we ordered.

You only turn 26 in Iceland once.
I feel fortunate and grateful to say I did so. 
hot spring
Vern for scale. Only 3 of the sides are finished, the other is just mountain. 
me hot spring
Strike a pose, but this is how glamourous it felt.
Basalt columns
hot spring seljalandfoss
26 has already been a memorable year
carrot cake, chocolate cake, various ice creams and spiked coffee
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