Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Michigan for a Day

t picking apples
Last month my Kelsey, Tanya, Michael and I got in a car and drove to Michigan for the day. Just to pick some apples. You know, how you do. 
After seeing ads all over the el for "Pure Michigan," I have been wanting to go (plus Sufjan Stevens wrote an entire album about the state). It did not disappoint and was the perfect day get-away. 
We went to a couple of towns, mainly Three Oaks. They were all so quaint and festive for fall ($$$ too). 
We collected a lot of apples and somehow got free bread along the way (?).  
Will definitely be going back, because we never went to a brewery, but also because I bet it's wonderful in the spring. 
pumpkins gourds
corn m
when in the mid-west, corn is a MUST
stand corn girls k bite
We tried all sorts of apples I've never heard of before. All juicy and crisp. 
On the way back we stopped by New Buffalo Beach - "world class beaches" they say, which means I'll just have to visit again in the summer. 
gulls beach lighthouse
Thanks for a fun day PURE Michigan!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mixtape Monday: What I am Listening to and Why

1. High Enough To Carry You Over - CHVRCHES (My favorite off their latest album, Martin Doherty actually sings lead on this and I wish he did that more.)

2. The Emotion - BØRNS

3. Runnin' (Lose It All) [feat. Beyoncé & Arrow Benjamin]- Naughty Boy (The video above is so so cool!)

4. Roll Up Your Sleeves - Meg Mac (loads of soul)

5. Welcome to New York - Ryan Adams (yes, off his reinterpretation of 1989)

6. Make Them Gold - CHVRCHES

7. Gone - JR JR

8. Talk to Me - Kopecky

9. Perth - Beirut

10. Put A Flower in Your Pocket - The Arcs (for fans of: The Black Keys and Broken Bells)

11. Wildest Dreams - Ryan Adams

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Autumn Pins {Pinterest}

"If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend, it would always be the second week of fall. The sun would never set before 8pm, but you would never sweat again." This made me giggle. 
HERE! Some maj FALL inspo for you. More this way. 

above: {source}
below: fall wreath making {source / pin it} // Creamy Baked Butternut Squash, Broccoli + Chipotle Almond Sauce {source / pin it}
for the AUTUMN Queen {source / pin it} // {source / pin it}
above: {source / pin it}
below: Pumpkin and Manchego Beer Bread {source / pin it} // diy twig wreath {source / pin it}
above: {source / pin it} // {source / pin it}
below: {source / pin it}

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autumnal Albums

- my favorite albums to listen to in the Fall with equally Autumnal cover art -

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mixtape Monday: Autumn Skies

"and all at once summer collapsed into fall" - Oscar Wilde

Bring on the 60 degree weather and crunchy, folksy music. 

1. Bad Blood - Ryan Adams (off his reinterpretation of 1989, which I gotta say I like more than TSwift's)
2. Love Like Ghosts - Lord Huron
3. Crash Years - The New Pornographers
4. Follow Your Arrow - Kacey Musgraves (I've officially purchased a contemporary country album. But this girl is real cool y'all. Kinda late on this gravy train.)
5. Timothy - The Tallest Man On Earth
6. Somebody to Love - Kacey Musgraves
7. Death with Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
8. Midnight on the Interstate - Trampled by Turtles
9. Bury, Bury, Bury Another - Rilo Kiley
10. England Skies - Shake Shake GO
11. Belated Promise Ring - Iron and Wine
12. Margret vs. Pauline - Neko Case

Sunday, September 13, 2015

{Grown-Up} Noodle-O's

{Grown-Up} Noodle-O's {Grown-Up} Noodle-O's
My mom would always get me Spaghetti O's whenever I had a babysitter. When I first tried this recipe I was immediately brought back to the 90's. I consider this a grown-up version because of the addition of real sausage and some veggies (I also used whole wheat pasta). 
Childhood comfort in a bowl right here. 
{Grown-Up} Noodle-O's

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kurt Pio

How cool are these faceted diamond paintings by South African artist Kurt Pio!? I love the hip, modern take on something so traditional. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mixtape Monday: Vitamin Sea

A little bittersweet about summer coming to an end. 
It's been a while since I've swam in some salt water. I miss that. Lake Michigan just isn't the same. 

 and Happy Labor Day! Even though there's a couple weeks still till autumn, here's an end of summer playlist....

1. Mountain At My Gates - Foals (loving their new album, this track is my favorite - kinda 90's)
2. I Can Change - Brandon Flowers
3. Higher - Kate Boy
4. PPP - Beach House (loving their new album as well)
5. All My Heart - The Mynabirds
6. Various Storms & Saints - Florence + The Machine
7. The Soul Serene - Villagers
8. Wildflower - Beach House
9. Tangible / Intangible - Fly Golden Eagle
10. One Foot - The Mynabirds
11. Happiest Man on Earth - Broken Back
12. Fool for Love - Lord Huron
13. Gibraltar - Beirut

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vik and Reykjavík, Iceland: Days 9 & 10

vik vik
cave built for a superhero
vik vik
Ha! I knew recapping Iceland would take all the way until September. And I still can't believe it was 4 months ago. Wow.

Day 9: Since the winds were so bad the night before, we headed back out to the beach and finally got some shots of the 3 trolls and basalt columns. Several reasons to go back to Iceland - see puffins. We were there too early in the season, but Vik is supposedly a good place to see them.
We made the drive back to Reykavik and stocked up on things to bring back to the states (CANDY, or scandies, and mustard to recreate Icelandic hot dogs at home). Vern booked us a night at this super neat and very historical Airbnb. That night we met up with one of Vern's friends from Denmark and barhopped, going back to the bar from the week before hoping the same awesome bartenders would be there. They weren't. That night became a blur after a certain point. Lots of drinks. Lots of American songs. Lots of Germans. Vern and I both agree that night should have ended much earlier than it did. But c'est la vie, right?

Day 10: Last day :( Vern and I barely get ourselves together to get some b'fast over at Kex Hostel and head over to the airport for my flight home. She got to stay an extra night and hang out with the awesome bartenders. They were sipping on G&T's while I was eating a lame salad at the Boston airport. NEXT TIME! Cause there will be a next time.

Summary post on Iceland/2015/life coming soon.
Vern and the sea
vik vik
dogs wow air
gourmet hot dogs // floating icebergs in the Atlantic, somewhere between Greenland and Canada
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