Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Cocktail Party

Christmas Cocktail Party '10
Although this post is about a month late, here are details and pictures of my family's annual Christmas party. Each year we have a different theme - and this year we had a Christmas Cocktail Party. The reason I still feel the need to post this, is that this is probably the least Christmas-y my decorations and overall theme has been in all 6 years that I have been planning these parties. The colors don't scream "Christmas,"and are just festive and celebratory. It was a dressy cocktail party, so I wanted the decor to be classy, not kitschy. Metallics and Neutrals were the colors and Anthropologie's store displays served as a huge inspiration.
Candle GlowFans 2Fans 1
My mom has a large window treatment in the breakfast room where the dessert table was going that just didn't go with the theme ( I was in charge of sweets, she was in charge of the savory). Therefore, I decided to cover the window treatment up with homemade paper accordion fans and pinwheels made from craft, printer and wrapping paper (tutorial coming soon!). I overlapped them, using staples and tape, to make sure every bit of the window treatment was covered up and VOILA - a temporary - Anthro-inspired window treatment. The color combinations for this project are endless and could be easily applied to any holiday or celebration!
Gingerbread "Leaves"
Fans 3Sweets and Treats
It was a super fun party that actually wasn't too stressful, due to the serving of appetizers and desserts instead of a whole sit down meal. Simple yet elegant candles that served as the centerpiece also allowed me to spend more time on making the window treatment and baking!
Many sweets, hor d'ouvrés, and drinks were had by all :)


  1. what beautiful decor! i love that it looks more wintery than christmasy. the window coverings are so creative & i love the metallic-y candles. i can definitely see the anthro influence

  2. WELCOME BACK!! I just saw this on lapetitefashionista's twitter! Loving the new blog times a million (I started over too!) Good luck with your new blog, pamplemousse is such a lovely word!

    And on the subject of the post: The decorations are absolutely divine. And the gingerbread leaves are too adorable!

  3. This looks amazing. I love the colours and how well everything goes together. You are very talented x

  4. I love the window decor! You're so talented

  5. Those accordion fans are incredible! I want to try making them immediately! Thanks for stopping by my blog - yours is great, too!

  6. Hope you had a grand Christmas party. I am planning to arrange a get together party with my friends and have booked one of amazing lofty spaces around. Planning to hire an expert caterer too for making delicious food for event.


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