Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chinatown via Diana F+

Chinatown/China dolls
Last week I did a post about San Francisco's Chinatown in honor of the Chinese New Year.
Here are some shots I took with my Diana camera when I was there. The first one is of Chinatown but is double exposed with a basket of dolls. The second one is of Japantown.
Looking and thinking about these pictures just makes me antsy to travel!


  1. wow. how gorgeous are these? i love dianas. they are great.

  2. That first picture is so wonderful! I don't have a film camera (other than a Fuji Instax), and pictures like these make me acheee for one. <3

  3. preeeety photos! I totally want to get on a plane and leave now!

  4. Seriously, why aren't you selling prints of your photos in your Etsy shop? They're always so lovely. I would totally buy that top one.

  5. i have had the worst case of wanderlust since my vacation december. i want to go EVERYWHERE!


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