Thursday, February 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Shrine Shop
Peking Bazaar
Altar Flowers
Streets of Chinatown
These are pictures from my trip to Chinatown in San Francisco from this past summer. I thought it was fitting because today is the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit). I love Asian culture and was especially in love with Chinatown's colorful and ornate architecture.
While shopping in one of the stores, I unexpectedly got a Chinese zodiac and fortune reading from the store owner. When describing Snakes (that's my Chinese zodiac), she was spot on with the personality traits. She said year of the Tiger (2010) was not a good year for me (it was mediocre) and that I need to find a man 5 or 8 years older to date/marry. She gave me some charms for my car, wallet and home to protect me from various harms. We then proceeded down the street to a Buddhist temple where I received blessings.
It was all so unexpected and left me curious - I am one who believes that there is truth in every religion.
Here's to Year of the Rabbit - it's supposed to be a good one!

**Also, I am super excited that I won Sunshine and Carousel's giveaway - thanks so much Erin! Everyone needs to check her blog out - it is a daily read of mine!


  1. what a great little giveaway package! you are going to have a sweeeet valentine's! :)

  2. Lauren!! I'm so glad you are blogging again! I've missed modern marie! But hooray you are back!!

  3. congratulations! and happy bunny new year!


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