Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mardi Gras: The French Quarter

Balcony in French Quarter
Bourbon St. Victoria
The Gumbo Shop
Best Balcony
French People
French Quarter
Mardi Gras was the first trip (and event) that I had no expectations going into it. I always have expectations of what I think places will be like and what I think will happen there (or want to happen). But for this trip, I didn't.
I had no expectations, and in return was given the most carefree and joyous weekend ever. It made me less cynical, less uptight and gave me hope that everything WILL work out alright.
My mind was refreshed and I became more optimistic.
It also made me realize how much I truly love dancing :)

1. Festive balcony
2. Me, in a bit of an awkward stance
3/4. Bourbon St and the beautiful Victoria
5. Gumbo and Boudin from the Gumbo Shop
6. Mardi Gras Day
7. Favorite costumes ever
8. Courtyard
9. Favorite day


  1. Oh wow, New Orleans looks so festive this time of year! Looks like you had a bunch of fun!

  2. Your photos are fabulous! They make me so happy to know I'm going to New Orleans for my birthday in June!

  3. What an excellent job capturing the essence of a New Orleans Mardi Gras!


  4. y'all look like you're having such a good time! also, i know what you mean about being a meticulous planner and having to fly by the seat of your pants ... sometimes it's a really good feeling!

  5. i have always wanted thick, red, curly hair. truly - you're living my dream, lady!

    i'm doing what i can and marrying a red-headed man, so maybe i'll have sweet little ginger babies.

    also, looks like a fabulous time in new orleans. so glad it was refreshing for you!


  6. From these photos it looks impossible to not leave the city and festivities uninspired! the colors! the fun! the architecture! the decadent food! oh I'm jealous. I really need to let myself go on the next trip I take.

  7. stunning photographs. and you look lovely with your wreath in that second photo!


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