Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Louis Cathedral

Cathedral IICathedral I
Cathedral III
Cathedral at Night
Just remembered I never posted these pictures of St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter - A New Orleans landmark.
I think no matter what religion you are, you can always appreciate the art and architecture of historical places of worship.
I love the lines and shadows of this cathedral and the fact that it slightly resembles a mini Disney castle


  1. gah, just another reason for me to pine for new orleans.

  2. Gorgeous! Couldn't agree more, churches/temples/mosques tend to be the most beautiful buildings!

    I took some pictures of the Basilica here in town a couple weeks ago. It's just a joy to photograph, you can't take a bad picture of it.

  3. so gorgeous! seeing all the cathedrals while studying abroad gave me a new appreciation. they are truly works of art!


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