Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charleston, the Beautiful

This video reminds me of just how beautiful Charleston is. Sometimes I can get so caught up in my routine that I don't stop and notice the loveliness that surrounds me. This clip makes me proud to call Charleston my second home.


  1. Wow, that city is rather striking. Especially the lighthouses. I've always wanted to go. Have you ever read "Rich in Love" by Josephine Humphries? Its a 1980s coming of age novel set in Charleston about a 17 year old girl whose family falls apart. The book really evoked a sense of the place and made me want to visit with its rich description of the mrytles.

    "Excuses" is a magical song and I got to see the Morning Benders live in DC last year, they were such a sweet band!

  2. Gorgeous video! Love love love Jewell and Ginnie.


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