Monday, April 18, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Summer Sounds

I've been obsessed with Tanaka y su orquesta's "Neu Chicago" since I got it November, but it's summery sound wasn't appropriate for winter. Now that school is winding down and summer is on the horizon, I cant stop listening to this super fun song! The lyrics are simple and wonderfully relatable.

"So you're digging a shallow grave/ For your heart because it won't behave/ I'll grab a shovel, you grab a spade/ And we'll dig that shallow grave"

This playlist was inspired by Neu Chicago - all summer-ready, electronic songs - some even have beachy sound effects :)

1. Neu Chicago - Tanaka y su orquesta (it's also my ringtone)
2. My Girls - Animal Collective
3. New Theory - Washed Out
4. Heaven's On Fire - The Radio Dept. (my favorite song this time last year)
5. Young Blood - The Naked and Famous (I associate 80's influenced songs with summer as well)
6. I'm Going Down - Free Energy (Bruce Springsteen cover)
7. Ten-Twenty-Ten - Generationals (I see this being used in a commercial)
8. Coastal Break - Tycho
9. Take Me Over - Cut Copy
10. All Night, All Right - Tanaka y su orquesta (If you like Daft Punk, you will love them)
11. Stay Close - Delorean (reminds me of the 90's for whatever reason)
12. How Bizarre - OMC (a real 90's song - one of my favorites...reminds me of The Parent Trap)
13. Soak It Up - Houses
14. Aminals - Baths
15. Icarus - White Hinderland
16. Eugene - Cursed Kids

*a cute little video put to the music of Neu Chicago


  1. do you read the miss moss blog? she just posted a really great (downloadable) mix today! yours is pretty awesome, too -- i like this neu chicago jam.

  2. loving your last few posts. I want to buy one of your pieces for my little cottage :) & all the videos just make me smile. hop you have a great week!

  3. Thank you for all the new music!


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