Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Asilah, Morocco: Day 5

Asilah Mural
Asilah Shop
Asilah MuralMoroccan Mint TeaAsilah MuralAsilahAsilah MuralTreasures
Day 5
Today we went to a little fisherman village on the Atlantic coast, right outside Tangier, called Asilah. On the outside it looks like a small medieval fort, but once we stepped inside, I realized it was was an entire town.
The structures were all white with often indigo or blue doors (a color that defines Morocco, I think). The white walls serve as a canvas for funky murals that are painted on them each year. Although I have never been to Greece (but I hope to soon), Asilah reminded me a lot of the it's architecture and colors.
It was a very artsy town, not just because of the murals decorating the walls, but of all the artists painting and selling their art throughout the city. Almost everyone in our group came back with a masterpiece. I bought some vintage charms that I hope to make into jewelry when I get home.

Also, cats/kittens are to Morocco, as pigeons are to New York City. They're everywhere.

Also, also, you can get by in Morocco with speaking only French or Spanish - and sometimes English. Most merchants in the larger cities know a little bit of all those languages. The days of French colonization is still prevalent, for every sign and menu is in both French and Arabic.


  1. All that wall art looks fantastic! And I love the colorful, bold frames. Plus, if the kittens that you say are everywhere are that cute, I probably won't mind it :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. Again, beautiful pictures! I am in LOVE with that kitten :) so cute!

  3. wow, morocco looks INCREDIBLE! i've always wanted to go. so much color and inspiration. beautiful documentation

  4. your Moroccan posts are inspiring the worst wanderlust in me, lauren. everything is so beautiful.


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