Monday, May 30, 2011

Essaouira, Morocco: Day 16


Day 16: Essaouira
Shouldn't have bought and eaten those dried apricots in Marrakech because they made me insanely and painfully sick. You just never know with food here. Now everyone but one person has gotten this common ailment. Its just uncomfortable and gross, but at least we’re all in it together!
Thank goodness it was a short bus ride from Marrakech to our next destination -Essaouira, an adorable beach and surf town on the Atlantic coast.
I was fine enough to make it through lunch and walk around for a little bit, but then had to go to the hotel. I didn’t sleep at all the night before when it all started. Sigh. I was upset with myself for not taking advantage of the city, but at the same time, I would not have enjoyed it because I was feeling physically miserable.
I think that was the worst day of being sick - it seems to be getting better and more manageable.
Essaouria reminded me of a French beach town and lot like Asilah. Only wish I was felt better when I was there...did get a few photos though...


  1. Oh, no! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. At least you still got some beautiful photos. Hope you're back to your old self soon.

  2. I was hoping you'd make it through without any stomach issues. I had a little case of Bali Belly, and it is NOT fun. I hope you feel better soon!!!


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