Monday, May 23, 2011

Fez, Morocco: Day 10



Fez, Day 10
We were only in the city for one day, but we made sure it count. We started by going to the top of one of the watchtowers to survey the whole city and take pictures. We then ventured inside.
Fez seemed a lot more crowded than Tangier or any of the other cities we have been to. The walls were closer and there was less open sky, plus with the addition of mules making their way through the crowd just made it seem a lot more tight and a little overwhelming.
We saw our way into some mosques that were so ornate and reminded me a lot of Hindu shrines that I studied in Asian art history this year. So intricate and patterned.
We got to oversee a tannery- where they process and dye leather. I had seen this image tons before and it was really neat to see it in person. The amount of physical labor that is put into it is astounding. I fell in love with a pair of boots that were leather and Berber (native Moroccan) wool rug. I haggled down to a price that I would never find for them in the US. I cant wait to wear them.
Lunch was at this fabulous restaurant with a fountain in the center possibly filled with rose water. Rose water is a big thing in Fez, its meant to be as a cleaning agent and perfume. Our first course was a little sampling of vegetables and spreads and beans. Second was pastilla, a ground chicken and nuts in a flakey pastry shell with powdered sugar - I know what you are thinking, but everyone actually thought it was delicious. The main course was couscous with beef and vegetables. Dessert was fruit, oranges and peaches and of course, mint tea. We were told this was a typical (aristocratic) Moroccan meal.
After lunch, we rolled (literally, so full) over to a guest house that overlooked the whole city, marveled at the rooms in the house and played dress up with traditional garb.
A trip to a tile and pottery factory was our last stop before heading back to the hotel.
After going to all these “factories” or more like workshops, its amazing to still see some small scale industry that can produce tons and tons of desired and unique objects.


  1. This is my favorite post of your Morocco photos so far. Everything is stunning, the angles, the colors (those dye vats are beautiful).I really love your ability to capture the spirit of the local animals, both your horse and cat photos (from a previous post) have been my favorites.

  2. Oh wow... The tanneries looks beautiful! I love all the colors :) When looking at the smaller icon of the tannery pic, I totally thought I was looking at a neutral/warm makeup palette!
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. beautiful photos! reminds me a lot of parts of Israel. I wish I was traveling somewhere soon!

  4. All of these pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I want to go to morocco so bad now!

  5. I am not much of a foodie, but the cuisine there sounds so flavorful and yummy!!! Someday you will have to come to Asia...Kuala Lumpur or see some great Hindu shrines. Of course, I'm sure the ones in India are the best. Oh my, all the places to see! Keep living the world trekking dream!!


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