Monday, May 9, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Morocco

Morocco - Ait Benhaddou: Colour Contrast
Morocco - Pensando in blu!

I'm heading off to Morocco in 2 days and the reality of it all is finally setting in. I am excited, nervous and have no idea what to expect (which is a good thing for me) because I don't have the slightest clue what it will be like, nor do I have anything to compare it to. All I can do to prepare is do my homework (I am studying abroad after all), pack, waste time on flickr looking at pictures of Morocco, and prepare a themed playlist to even further my eagerness.

Morocco Mixtape

1. Dog Days Are Over - Florence and The Machine (a year before the song was played in the trailer for the wanderlusting movie Eat Pray Love, I was already in love with the tune and was inspired to travel somewhere that would be outside my comfort zone)
2. Scenic World - Beirut (listening to this band always evokes a sense of traveling for me and this song transcends numerous countries and continents, many scenic worlds)
3. Waterparker - Botany (new artist I have been listening to lately - almost entirely instrumental)
4. Lebanese Blonde - Thievery Corporation (This group specializes in that Middle Eastern club/Buddha Bar ready music - from Garden State)
5. Day by Day - Taken by Trees (The lead singer of The Concretes recorded her side project in Pakistan and the local instruments and sounds show up frequently on the album.)
6. Quitter's Raga - Gold Panda (perhaps this is more Indian sounding?)
7. Bird Song Intro - Florence and the Machine (So short, too sweet. My #1 played on iTunes and my ringtone)
8. White Nights - Oh Land
9. Sim Sala Bim - Fleet Foxes (from their fantastic new album, the end of the song sounds more Moroccan than the beginning)
10. My Boys - Taken by Trees (Animal Collective cover)
11. I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li
12. Watch the Waves - Taken By Trees
13. Mandala - Thievery Corporation
14. Crooked Legs - The Acorn (This is typically in my fall playlist, but like the Fleet Foxes song, the end sounds right)
15. To Lose Someone - Taken By Trees
16. Warm Heart of Africa - The Very Best (any song with Ezra Koenig is perfect in my opinion, although this song sounds more central and south Africa-like)

The colors of Morocco


  1. hi there, randomly found you when browsing through blogs. you have great taste in music! have fun in morocco! i cant wait to see pics and posts about it.

  2. I am sooooo excited for you! I hope you have oodles of fun and gain lots of inspiration/ insight :)

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Bon voyage! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. omg i'm so excited for you lauren! i cant wait to hear all about your world travels! <3

  5. so excited for you! you are going to have an amazing time! i keep thinking about that scene in almost famous where penny lane talks about going to morroco!

  6. I am so so so so so excited for you and your Moroccan adventure! Enjoy every moment of it, the inspiring ones and the frustrating ones - they are all a part of the great journey!!! I'll be eagerly checking your blog for updates...

  7. I love your love of Florence: she's fantastic. And dominates my top 25 playlist haha. Your pictures are wonderful and so vibrant! Morocco just equals color. I like your blog a bundle!


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