Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tangier, Morocco: Day 3

Mediterranean Beach
Mediterranean BeachMediterranean BoatMoroccan CountrysideMediterraneanMediterranean BeachSeafood FeastMediterranean BeachMint Tea and Cake
Local Market
Mediterranean Beach

Day 3
Today we left our hotel at 10 to go to the Mediterranean villages and countryside since it was such a beautiful day and not too windy. We took a little yellow schoolbus and drove our way there. It was such a breathtaking drive - ocean on one side, rolling mountains on the other. It reminded me a lot of Napa Valley. In the distance, you could faintly see the Spain's hills on the other side of the sea.
Our first stop was to a local market. Every saturday all the people from these villages get their crops and items to sell. It was like a huge Walmart - you could get anything. Chicken, goats, hammers, soap - everything. We were the only non-Moroccans there and I don't think they were used to tourists at all. The women wear a very traditional dress that is specific to that region. They don't cover their faces, but wear these huge sombrero hats with striped skirts. They actually look Peruvian to me. The men and women seem to interact more in the country and have more physical contact than they do in urban Tangier. A more relaxed vibe, I suppose. However most children in this region stop going to school after 12 or 13 and go to work on their family's farm.
Next was going to the Mediterranean beach. We all walked along the shore full of parked, bright blue fishing boats. The water was so many shades of aqua and blue. A few of us continued on to the more rocky parts and climbed the slippery and algae covered boulders till we could go no further. So perfect. On our way back up to the bus I wet my hair with some water from the ocean because I love what salt water does to my hair, and the fact that its Mediterranean water enticed me even more.
We ate a seafood feast for lunch while overlooking the ocean - fresh shrimp, various fishes, and calamari.
On our way back we stopped by my professors vacation home (he's from Tangier). It was out in the countryside and of course, had a view of the Mediterranean. Some people napped, while a few of us wandered around. So peaceful and undisturbed. We all sipped some mint tea and homemade cake before we left to go back to the city.
Favorite day thus far.


  1. wow, that beach is absolutely GORGEOUS. sounds like you're already having an amazing experience there!
    happy birthday as well<3!

  2. Lauren, these are just stunning. I was just looking at a friend's pictures on facebook from Morocco and now these! Obviously I need to get myself to Morocco sometime soon. Are you visiting some sand dunes? My friend went at sunrise and it just looked epic...

  3. What an incredible trip and such stunning pictures! It's amazing how clear the water is. I can't wait to see more and, yes!, happy birthday!

  4. Oh my gosh absolutely gorgeous photos! I am so jealous! Hope you have a great time :)

  5. Beautiful photos!


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