Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tangier, Morocco: Day 4

Jewelry in Tangier
Bleu de Fes
Shop in Tangier
Shop in Tangier
Marrakech Le Rouge

Day 4
Sunday was our day off and left free to do what we wished. Everyone slept in and lounged around all morning. A few of us decided to go back into the old part of downtown and see the markets and shops. I have my eye on a few things, but decided not to buy anything just yet.
We had many men want to be our "tour guides." I was warned about this because they expect money. We politely denied several people.
I also discovered a new favorite artist - Omar Mahfoudi, whose art I have seen in several places now. They are all originals, therefore I cannot afford any of it. I love all the colors he uses and strokes and splatters. Its like modern impressionism. He does a lot of Moroccan history scenes, as well as various series of moody faces.
The two shops, that stood out to me the most because of their art collections and antiques were Bleu de Fes and Marrakech La Rouge. In the later shop, the owner collected old doors, vintage robes and rugs made generations ago by the Berbers, Moroccan natives. The owner had also started collecting Omar Mahfoudi's paintings since the artist was 18 - long before he became famous.
Moroccans are extremely friendly and good-natured, even when trying to sell you something. My friend haggled down a painting that was originally 2000 dirham to about 800 dirham (which is about 100 dollars).

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  1. Sigh! These pictures have my heart aching! Morocco is a distant dream of mine. ♥


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