Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tangier, Morocco: Days 6 & 7

Days 6 & 7
These two days sort of blended in together because they were the last two days before we left and were more or less free days of shopping and writing papers. Tangier isn't a huge city and is very easy to get acquainted to. If you can find the water, you can always get yourself back on track. Not that I felt comfortable totally going out by myself, but I felt safe going with one or three people on our own. I am truly surprised with how safe I feel in Morocco. My opinion may change when I get to larger cities, but I am pleased with my comfort level at the moment. It feels grown up.
The food is so inexpensive here - you can get a feast of paella or a tagine full of couscous and chicken for about 35 dirhams, roughly 4 dollars. It's so much better than the euro or pound right now - I definitely chose the right place to go on a students budget.
I am about one of the only ones left who last felt the least bit sick. An upset stomach in Morocco is to be expected, people told me, but thankfully I have a pretty strong stomach, so I haven't been effected.Nightfall in Tangier

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