Saturday, May 21, 2011

Volubilis, Morocco: Day 9

Roman Ruins
Stork Nest
VolubilisColumns at Volubilis
Volubilis MoroccoVolubilisDSC_1086Countryside in MoroccoDSC_1071
Day 9
Today, I was awoken at 5:30 am for the morning prayer call going off at all the mosques in Chefchaouen. Thankfully I was able to go back to sleep because we had a long drive ahead of us to Fez and I wanted to stay awake during it (so picturesque). We stopped a few times along the way, like to see how olive oil is made in a small "plant," still powered by mules. We also stopped for lunch in the middle of nowhere, where we ate grilled lamb and flatbread, which probably was made from across the street since we were in the farmland.
Our main stop, and perhaps out of the way stop, was to the ancient Roman ruin site, Volubilis. This was the first Roman site I had ever seen and it truly put me in a state of awe of how truly massive and extensive the Romans were. The tile mosaic floors from over 2000 years ago were still in tact. It was such a sight and the weather couldn't have been better. Bright blue skies with billowy clouds perfectly contrasted the ruins that looked almost golden in the sunlight. A lot of people on the trip have actually commented on how they think the sky is bluer here. Perhaps it is.
Truth be told I didn't have to alter these pictures at all. My polarized filter + the amazing sky and lighting made for the perfect "photoshoot."


  1. I really need to remember to use my polarizer because these photos have such breathtaking colors in them. The blues and greens are unreal.

    That fresco is awe inspiring. You're right the sheer magnitude of the Roman Empire is hard to process.

  2. We must get together in July so you can teach me all of your photography secrets...these pics are amazing!


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