Monday, June 27, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Flo + the Mac

Florence + the Machine (Florence Welch) _FL01018xr

I can hardy contain my excitement because I am seeing Florence and the Machine this Friday. In preparation, I have her music on constant rotation. Here are a few of her lesser known songs that have me under a spell:

1. My Boy Builds Coffins (This one reminds me so much of Stevie Nicks, so haunting.)
2. Bird Song (A song about loud, braggadocios people and feeling guilty, but is symbolized with killing a bird. Check out the Bird Song Intro too!)
3. Falling (I love the crescendo of this song)
4. Drumming Song (I currently have this stuck in my head)
5. Heavy in Your Arms (Super dark and gothic)
In addition, here are some songs I am listening to currently:
6. East Harlem - Beirut (My favorite wanderlusting band is back with new music and I am loving it!)
7. Stranger Things - Local Natives (I like a violin sweeping in)
8. Goshen - Beirut (slower pace than his usual stuff)
9. Sovay - Andrew Bird (I got caught in a summer storm listening to this and it was perfection)
10. Country Clutter - Dolorean
11. Who Knows Who Cares - Local Natives
12. Bizness - Tune-Yards (I am enjoying this super fun and discombobulated group. Happiness.)
13. Helena Beat - Foster the People
14. Heavy Metal Lover - Lady Gaga (I discover new favorites on this album each time I listen to it. I am currently loving on this one.)
Florence + the Machine (Florence Welch) _FL01094xr


  1. Jealous! I was supposed to see her at Bonnaroo but didn't get to make it!

    Hope it's amazing!

  2. A year and a half ago I had the first album on repeat and now whenever I listen to Florence I get such strong memories from that time. Some are good and some bad but it's amazing how music can evoke such strong emotions. I love My Boy Builds Coffins and The Blinding. So haunting!

    I also love your blog and am desperate to go to Morocco after reading about your trip and seeing your beautiful pictures x

  3. how fun! I hope you take tons of pics and have oodles of fun!!! :)

  4. I ENVY YOU!!! She's fantastic! Can't wait to hear about your experience at her show :)


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