Monday, June 13, 2011

Mixtape Monday: For the Summer

Sullivan's Island I
{Diana Camera - me at the beach in Charleston}

Now that I am back in the states, the idea that summer is here is setting in.
Watching fireflies on after-dinner walks, gilding my hair with lemon juice and sipping frozen smoothies are always on the agenda.
Summer is also the only time where I get to drive my car (I don't bring it to school), so I get to listen to the radio and catch up on the year's hits that I've missed. I apologize in advance for anything mainstream, but sometimes they're just so catchy.
Here is my first of many summer music mixes:

1. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells (I was all about this band last summer when they debuted. This song is just so chill and easygoing, not to mention it mentions The Parent Trap - one of my favorite summer movies.)
2. How I Roll - Britney Spears (This one is off her new album. I like to think of this one as a strange lovechild of "Soda Pop" and "Me Against the Music." Remember her debut album?)
3. Hair - Lady Gaga (Mother Monster's new record is so amazing. This one is super fun and uplifting.)
4. Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac (I am on a Fleetwood Mac kick right now, Lord, they were fantastic! Could totally pass as a contemporary indie rock song.)
5. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - Coldplay (always looking forward to what new directions they're going in)
6. Lorelai - Fleet Foxes (Another Fleet band I have been obsessing over - especially their new album. I listened to it all while driving through Morocco. Their music just has a way of transporting you somewhere else. More so on their first album, I see lots of traces of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide")
7. Love Like a Sunset, Pt. II - Phoenix
8. So Far Around the Bend - The National (I have a thing for deeeeep voices)
9. For the Summer - Ray LaMontagne
10. How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep? - Bombay Bicycle Club (This was my abosutlte favorite song last summer)
11. The Next Time Around - Little Joy (The most attractive Brazilian band I have ever seen or heard.)
12. Sweet Road - Animal Collective
13. Tricycle - Psapp
14. For Beginners - M. Ward
15. Scissor Runner - Jenny and Johnny (Reminds me of 90's pop rock I grew up with)


  1. Lauren, I just have to tell you that I totally rely on you for awesometastic music, these days! My ipod thanks you for making it the coolest kid on the block!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. soda pop was my favorite track off of her debut album! love love love this mix!


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