Friday, July 29, 2011

Countries I Want to See, Pt.1

King of the Hill - Bjarnarey
green iceland

The Arctic expresses the sum of all wisdom:  Silence.
Home of Sigur Ros, Puffin Penguins, the coolest language ever and naturally aqua colored ice glaciers and ocean water. If those reasons alone hadn't convinced me I needed to go, this Flickr stream and this video made me 100% positive that this was the next place I wanted to see. It is so uniquely beautiful and desolate that it almost seems like another planet. Also, they make amazing yogurt.

was it just a dream, just a dream?
I like Greek men, Greek noses, Greek Yogurt, Greek last names, Greek salad, Greek mythology (I was Medusa for Halloween), Grecian draped clothing - obviously I really like all things Greek. I cant wait (one day) to see the teal-blues of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, the crisp bleached buildings and beautifully bronzed faces of the locals. Plus, I've always wanted to marry into a Greek family...

Pagoda Watugong, Semarang
Rice terraces, Tirtaganga, Bali
I would be lying to say that reading and watching Eat, Pray, Love didn't first spark my interest about Indonesia - mainly Bali. After taking an Asian Art History class and Anthropology, I learned more about the rich culture that Indonesia is. The rice fields, pictured above, are almost like sculptures and textiles in their pattern and form - which makes sense because Bali is now experiencing their artistic Renaissance.

What countries do you want most to see?


  1. Iceland has never been at the top of my list - but oh my those photos change my mind! Just breathtaking!

  2. 1. Japan
    2. Scotland
    3. England
    4. Iceland
    5. France :)

  3. My friend went to Iceland last summer and fell in love.

    I think you and your polarizer would love Greece. I want you to visit just so I can drool over your beautiful photos.

    I would love to visit Germany (hopefully going in September!), Greece, and Morocco (after your stunning photos and stories I have to go).

  4. Iceland is stunning. I want to go absolutely everywhere, but I suppose at the top of my list are Japan, Greece, Peru (to climb Machu Picchu), and Africa... which I know is a continent and not a country, but I don't know enough specifics about African countries to narrow it down. I just really want to go on a safari :-)

  5. Wow, those photos are stunning.
    I really want to drive across the USA and see all that diverse scenery. I'd also love to see India. And some more of Africa. And South America. Well, basically I want to see everything. Haha!

  6. all those pictures are so beautiful. egypt and france are at the top of my list :)

  7. I want to go to Egypt so bad, but it seems the political climate will never be right :(


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