Thursday, July 7, 2011

Florence, the Great

Florence + the Machine was beyond amazing. She sounded perhaps even better live than on her recordings. She was both a fairy wood nymph and Gothic rockstar. She twirled, danced and belted it out the whole time, I don't know how she had the energy. She was adorably shy and soft-spoken when she was transitioning between songs that it just made me love her even more. Flo even played some new songs off the next record.
If you get the opportunity to see her - do! It was an unforgettable musical experience that will definitely inspire you.

Also I love the video I posted above where Flo is singing a Buddy Holly song in New Orleans. It just combined all my favorite things and I am currently obsessed with it.

(I didn't bring my Nikon, because they weren't allowed at our venue, but you can see some shots here)


  1. Florence is one of those artists I'll go out of my way to see live every time (I saw her this year and the year before). She just has such a commanding and beautiful stage presence. Love her!

  2. Ahhh amazing! You're such a lucky duck to have seen her!

  3. Loved hearing about the concert, I would love to see her, fellow redhead:), one of these days x
    RedPoppy x


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