Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Morocco, Re-imaged

Sea Green, Sea Blue
Grown Ocean
Blue Skies

My trip to Morocco seems just like yesterday, I can't believe I have been back home for 2 months now. I think that when your travels seem like they've just happened and you feel like you were there for much longer than you actually were, it's a sign of a well-spent, inspired trip. I've been revisiting my trip by making artsy exposures of my pictures and making little stop-motions.
I feel like this will be a prolonged stage.


  1. These are so cool! I really want to visit Morocco.

  2. Love the double exposure effect! You make me want to visit Morocco more than ever.

  3. your photo editing is so gorgeous lauren, as well as all of your pictures from morocco! also- side note. love the high school mixtape below, i've been reminiscing about my high school faves lately too!


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