Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mixtape Monday: California, Here I Come

San Francisco Double Exposure
Yosemite Exposure
With my parents currently in San Francisco and my never-ending desire to live there, California has been on my mind. Its a state so vast in landscapes and terrains that I feel I could never get bored there. When I went there last summer, I filled my Diana F+ roll of film with pictures of the beautiful scenery.
And of course California has inspired this week's playlist:

1. California English, Pt.2 - Vampire Weekend
2. Crazy for You - Best Coast
3. West Coast - Coconut Records
4. California - Rufus Wainwright
5. Big Sur - The Thrills
6. Ode to L.A. - The Raveonettes
7. San Francisco - Vanessa Carlton
8. Blue Side - Rooney
9. California Rain - Madeline Peyroux
10. Come Back From San Francisco - The Magnetic Fields
11. San Francisco - Brett Dennen
12. California English - Vampire Weekend
13. California - Phantom Planet

* Also, today is the last day to vote for my photo I entered in a Travel + Leisure contest! Its the Sahara Desert one!


  1. As usual, great mix! Beautiful Diana photos too!

  2. loooooove the blog layout! soo cool and fresh (love the designs). and i really hope you win. these are awesome shots. good work!

  3. mason jennings' california part 2 should be on this list :)
    love the dianas.

  4. I remember these photos from way back! and lovely playlist, you introduced me to the thrills :D


  5. I love these photos, wow. They make me feel strangely reminiscent for something I can't quite put my finger on.
    Beautiful x


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