Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Last Day of the Last Summer

Today was my first day of school, meaning no more summer for a very very long time (or at least the school/college perception of it). From now on, it will just be considered that hot time of the year where I might take a few days off of work. To commemorate the end of summer, here is my mix tape - a little sad, a little happy and a little hopeful. I hope you enjoy and savor the last few days of summer.

1. The Greatest - Cat Power (This song gives me chills and reminds me of an Alvin Ailey dance piece. Slow, southern and summery.)

2. I Want You To Be My Love - Over The Rhine (I love listening to this on my walks in the country.)

3. Empty - Ray LaMontagne (His music can be translated to any season, I think.)

4. Horsey - Hem (reminds me of home)

5. Atlas (The Time and Space Machine Remix) - Fanfarlo (makes me want to dance and move)

6. I'll Try Anything Once - Julian Casablancas (just listen)

7. Our Deal - Best Coast (They're already such a summery band, but this song is a little more melancholy, so it makes sense for the end of summer and saying goodbye to those summer loves (as if I have had one))

8. Ceremony - New Order (celebrating the last few days feel)

9. Chasing the Light - Mat Kearney (really optimistic and hopeful song)

10. Velcro - Bell X1 (This is currently my favorite song - loving everything about it, its very romantic and sweet.)

11. Forever Young - Youth Group (This list wasn't complete without this)

12. Goodbye Versailles - Hey Marseilles (so beautiful, sounds straight out of a movie that takes place in France)


  1. cat power is awesome :D and this is my last high school summer ever ); kindof sad,


  2. I love "Ceremony", you're right is does capture things on the cusp so well. Best of luck with your senior year!


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