Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Autumn List {2011}

Indian Corn
Here is my fall to-do list:

To Do:
  • go to a corn maze
  • gather makings of a halloween costume, TBA
  • be more gutsy
  • watch New Girl and 2 Broke Girls (along with all my NBC comedies and Modern Family)
  • decorate my mantel with DIY colored glass bottles and leaves
  • eat more locally
  • make stop-motion about Fall in Charleston and elsewhere
  • craft and paint for Etsy shop
  • carve and/or paint pumpkins
  • host a dinner potluck outside under string lights
  • explore James Island and Mount Pleasant
  • go to the beach, alone, on a chilly day
  • figure out what the hell I want to do once I graduate
  • drink more water
  • make at least one pumpkin food a week
To Learn:
  • how to make pain au chocolate
  • how to marble my nails
  • how to tilt-shift
  • how to use my dad's old 35 mm camera
To Listen :
  • Feist's Metals
  • Florence and the Machine's Ceremonials
  • Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto
  • Ryan Adam's Ashes and Fire
  • She & Him's Christmas Album (but not till November)
  • Breaking Dawn Soundtrack (guilty I know, but the soundtracks are great - always full of indie artists and new discoveries)
What is on your Autumn to-do list?


  1. Love your Fall to-do list! You know Sterogum is streaming the new Feist album?! So good.

  2. Your list is love! :) When you do get a chance to make pain au chocolat, don't hesitate to send some my way! :)
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  3. Great list! I'm inspired to make my own now! Please share pumpkin recipes and marbled nail tutorials when you come up with them.

  4. My list mirrors yours quite a bit. Figuring out what I want to do with my life is a #1 priority haha.

    I can't wait for Ashes & Fire to officially release. I heard the NPR preview and it sounded promising, very solid effort. Plus I have tickets to see Ryan Adams later this month and can't wait. I'm also eagerly anticipating the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. They're so good and contain some of my favorite songs ever (With You in my Head and Roslyn), the next one should be another gem. I'm stupidly excited that there are two movies because that means two soundtracks haha.

  5. Such a good list. You should definitely learn to use your dad's 35, maybe in combination with a lone, chilly beach day?

    & "figure out what the hell I want to do once I graduate" is definitely on my list as well.


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