Friday, October 21, 2011

5 Autumn Beauty Essentials

Fall Beauty
My beauty routine switches up season to season, here are my must-haves for the fall:

Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo
Because I have such dry hair, I wash my hair even less in the colder months than I normally do. On Day 2 of unwashed hair, I turn my head upside down and spray this at the roots, it keeps my hair from getting flat or greasy. It has a good clean scent and truly is invisible.

Fall-hued Nail polish
I recently got this copper metallic lacquer that I am dying to decorate my nails with. Plums, wines, and emeralds are also my go-to colors in the fall.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula
This is the most intense moisturizer I have ever used. It smells strongly of chocolate, so if you're into that, like me, you will love it. It heals any chapped, cracked and dry/itchy skin in just days.

Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm with Mango Butter
I usually go the pomegranate route when it comes to Burt's Bees, but I decided to try the mango butter this time instead. I have been applying it several times a day and cannot get over the natural feel it has on my lips, as well as the incredible scent.

Revlon Just Bitten in Midnight
For the past few years I have only used lip stains on my lips when I want some color, with some Burt's Bees added for some moisture. I usually get the CoverGirl lip stains, but was so attracted to Revlon's dark, nearly-gothic red wine color that I had to get it for fall. It's a very strong statement, so I don't wear it everyday, but receive complements on it every time I do. Lip stains stay on for hours on end. I haven't worn lipstick in the longest time.

What are your Fall beauty essentials?


  1. i love that nail polish color.
    its the perfect shade of fall

    kait xo

  2. Mine are:
    1. Nature's GAte herbal moisturizer.
    2. eos lipbalm, though I use my Carmex for nighttime.
    3. LOTS of herbal Ricola lozenges

  3. i use alba moisturizer, but i have to use a primer with it during the colder months because my skin gets so dry! right now i have the stila multi-colored primer, but i got a bare essentials primer when i bought the starter kit, so i'll probably switch them up!

    i also HAVE to have neutragena's norwegian formula handcream every morning or else my hands cry out in pain from the dryness! boo!

  4. I love your taste in nail polish colors. :] plums and emeralds are some of my favorite colors to use on my nails, especially for fall. and I also love Revlon's lipstains. I have it in Gothic red, and it really does last for quite a while!

  5. burt's bees is my mainstay in the winter! i love that nail polish color; the same color as the leaves :D


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