Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Expectations vs. Reality

I love this scene from "500 Days of Summer" because it is so relatable. I am a type of person with an active imagination, dreaming up these huge expectations for many happenings in my life. Lately, though, I think I have gotten better about being more of a realist. Whether its not talking to your crush at party like you thought you would or thinking the Statue of Liberty is much larger than it actually is, having expectations is a shared human experience. I keep having to remind myself of my trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, where no expectations were predicted yet wonderful surprises and discoveries happened.
Goals are different than expectations. Goals are concrete ideas, whereas expectations are imagined situations. Set the bar high for goals, instead of expectations. With May's graduation into the "real world" rapidly approaching, this will be my new mantra.


  1. This is a beautiful scene and a lovely post :). I'm graduating in May too. Scary! x

  2. the first time i saw 500 days of summer i didnt like it! because it wasnt a "happy" ending. i'm not usually a realist when it comes to relationships, i always hope for the fairytale romance. i think i've now found a good balance of expectations.

    hope you have a wonderful time in New Orleans!

  3. I love this part of 500 Days of Summer too! I think I need to use your new mantra from time to time too!


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