Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mixtape Monday: Almost, Maine

Today is my finale run of a play I am in called, Almost, Maine. It's a bit like Love, Actually minus the Christmas and instead takes place on a winter night in an imaginary place called Almost. The play is witty, sad, magical and hopeful, but most importantly celebrates the triumphs and pitfalls of falling in and out of love. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this play and cannot believe its practically over, we have only been rehearsing for a little over a month. This playlist is inspired by our set of snow drifts, aurora borelais lighting effects, sparkly stars and falling snow, as well as our winter gear donned with plaids, purples and mittens.

1. North - Phoenix
2. Concerning the UFO Sighting near Highland, Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
3. Blood Bank - Bon Iver
4. Just for Now - Imogen Heap
5. Men of Snow - Ingrid Michaelson
6. Star Mile - Joshua Radin
7. Easier - Grizzly Bear
8. It's Gonna Be A Long Walk - Apparat
9. Jynweythek Ylow - Aphex Twin
10. Rosyln - Bon Iver and St. Vincent
11. Winter Song - Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
12. My Love - Sia
13. Big Red Machine - Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon
14. No Sound but the Wind - Editors
15. The Winter Solstice - Sufjan Stevens



  1. Congrats on finishing up your play! Sounds like a really fun one! And the Bon Iver and St. Vincent song is one of my absolute favorites! Love this play list :)

  2. Oh my gosh! it's like Love, Actually but without the Christmas? I'm sold. And as always, Lauren, thanks for the great music ideas. Because of you, I'm semi-cool. :)
    ♥ laura

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