Friday, December 30, 2011

Why 2011 was my favorite year

2011 was very kind to me and I dare say it was my favorite year - ever.
Happy 2011!
Kicked off the New Year at one of my best friends house, a tradition we have had since 8th grade, where her family makes paella and other delicious traditional Spanish dishes for family and friends. I returned to Charleston for spring semester and it was the first time I wanted to go back, huge step for me. Also made some cute window bunting to decorate my cold dorm room.
Valentine's Cake Pops I
This month is usually the coldest and most uninspiring for me, but I kept busy working at Forever 21, falling in love with Adele all over again, perfecting my granola recipe, making crayon hearts for my window, and Valentine's cake pops for all my friends and loved ones.
Balcony in French Quarter
March was synonymous with the Big Easy because of going to Mardi Gras for Spring Break. It was the first time I had no expectations going into something and for that, was rewarded with a carefree, happiness-filled trip. We wandered around the French Quarter, begged for beads in the colorful parades, and danced in the middle of the street. I made a stop-motion film about our trip. It was a release we all needed.
Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies
As the last full month of school, April is always frantic and flies by. I saw a wonderful production of Pride and Prejudice at my school, made some Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies for an Easter picnic with my friends and made an initiative to start cooking for like Mediterraneans do.
Sahara Desert
I took off for my study abroad program in Morocco, a beautiful and life altering experience. I feel so blessed to have gone on this adventure. We shopped in the souks of Marrakech, rode a camel in the Sahara Desert at dawn to watch the sun rise over the dunes, ate lots of couscous, explored the Mediterranean side of Morocco, wandered around a city painted in blue, acquired a stomach bug along the way, and took political science and literature classes in Tangier, our base. Morocco is the most exciting thing I have ever seen and done. I made stop- motions about my trip here and here.
Ended my trip to Morocco with an evening in Madrid before flying to thte States the next morning. It made me thirsty for more Spain. When I returned home I went back to work at my cake decorating job and caught up with high school friends. Made a summer to-do list and saw Midnight in Paris while smiling the whole time. Spent my evenings watching 30 Rock and Parks and Rec (and The Hills, unfortunately) on Netflix. Kept me entertained all summer.
Started an internship at Anthropologie, helping with their window displays. Drove to Charleston for July 4th for a friend's 21st. Saw Florence and the Machine live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Made a traditional Moroccan tagine and homemade yogurt, both things I had been wanting to try for a long time. Wanderlusted by daydreaming a list of travel destinations. Took long walks in the countryside where I live, at sunset.
Broad St.
The month I most despise because of the impossible humidity levels in Charleston and everywhere else in the south. I finished up my internship at Anthroplogie and turned in my portfolio. Returned to Charleston for one more year and moved into a 100 year old house with 6 friends, a cat and a fish. It has been both entertaining and unproductive school-wise.
Homemade Snickers
Even though it didnt feel like fall, I tried my best to celebrate it. I finished decorating my room and fell in love with my cushion-y bed that feels like a marshmallow. I was cast in my first play at college, Almost, Maine and worked with very talented, hilarious people. Made some Homemade Snickers and wanderlusted some more...
Always my favorite month - crisper weather and changing leaves. Almost, Maine opened to great reviews, it was a great learning experience acting-wise and I bonded with the terrific cast. One of my best friends from high school came to see the opening and visit Charleston in jam-packed days. Went back home for a relaxing fall break, made delicious Creamy Mexican Soup, and crafted my Dios de los muertos Halloween costume.
Germany '07
I was busy with my internship with an event planner on the weekends, helping with weddings. November is another month that seems to slip by. I went to Montgomery to spend Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family, it was equally funny and sentimental. Proudly started listening to Christmas music...
Marion Square
I always wished Christmas season lasted longer. Why cant we start in September? Anyways, I always make a Christmas to-do list and barely accomplish it because of how hectic the month is. I squeezed in some time to frolic about in twinkly lights, host a Lumberjack Christmas Party and work at my job at home. Spent a quiet Christmas in Montgomery with my grandparents and reminisced with old friends over margaritas and seafood burritos back home in Atlanta.
2008 was a transition year of acceptance and growth, 2009 was perhaps my least favorite year ever and 2010 was stable, enjoyable, but kind of boring.
2011 was exciting! traveling domestically and abroad, bonding with people and branching out through study-abroad and the theatre department, expanding my resume, finally having a great living situation in college, and feeling loved and supported through all of this by my family and beautiful friends. I couldn't ask for a more fantastic year and I am forever grateful for it.
Who knows what 2012 will bring, it is so unpredictable to know where I will be this time next year. "2012" has always brought upon anxiety for more reasons than the world supposedly ending. Graduating in May is a fact, so many major life decisions are soon to be made. It might be a stressful and taxing year (literally), adjusting to post-grad life in the real world, but I am sorta-ready, scared and hopeful.

Thanks for reading my blog this year! I wish you an exciting 2012.


  1. Hi, I'm your newest follower. Wow, what a wonderful year 2011 has been for you. Here's to 2012 being brilliant too - Happy New Year! ... :0)

  2. You have the most beautiful blog, I just love it. I hope 2012 is as kind to you as 2011 was! =)

  3. Congratulations on such an awesome year! My jealousy grows every time I see pictures of your Morocco trip. 2012 may seem scary and unknown, but who knows, it could be the best year yet! Happy New Year!

  4. To a year with many more reunions and margaritas! :) xo

  5. Oh my! Morocco is on the top of my wanderlust list. How was it safety wise? I'm always hearing how dangerous it is... ?? I'll have to look at your previous posts about it.


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