Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homemade French Onion Soup {Crock Pot} and Beer Bread

beer bread
French Onion Soup
French Onion Soup has to be one of the most comforting meals. You would think that with just broth and onions, it couldn't suffice as a meal - much less a filling one. I used this recipe for French Onion Soup in the crock pot and vow that it is the only recipe I will use for this now on.
Because the recipe called for beer and I had a few bottles left, I decided to make Beer Bread, sprinkled with sea salt.
So, after the soup was complete, I ladled it in bowls, placed some swiss cheese slices over sliced beer bread and broiled it on high in the oven to make the richest cheesiest crouton topping for the soup.
Pure decadence.
Beer Bread


  1. I finally caught up on all the posts that I missed.

    While reading your NYE post, I appreciated your summation of the past few years. My 2009 was AWFUL as well. My 2011 was a great year too full of lots of travel, eating, and expanding of my resume. Let's hope we have similarly great 2012s!

    I agree that "Coming Dow" by Dum Dum Girls is addictive! I don't think the rest of the album is as strong, but that song seduces you in and begs you to hit repeat.

  2. Mmm, sounds so good! I love French Onion Soup!

  3. MMMM this looks delicious. I've been trying to collect crock pot recipes and will have to give this one a try! beer bread is the best.

  4. OMG. beer bread AND french onion soup!? two of my favorite things!! amazing! time to break out my crockpot :)

  5. Your soup was the inspiration for my Valentine's Day dinner. It was quite well received! Thanks for the idea :) I'm going to have to try beer bread sometime too.


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