Monday, March 26, 2012

Mixtape Monday: What I am Listening to and Why

1. Radioactive - Marina and the Diamonds (This is off her upcoming album - it's so catchy!)
2. The Suburbs (Arcade Fire cover) - Mr. Little Jeans (a haunting rendition of an already brilliant song)
3. Obsessions - Marina and the Diamonds (off her debut album, another catchy tune, this album seems like its less synthetic than her upcoming one)
4. Can't You Tell - Vetiver (If you like Washed Out, you will like this. It's super summery.)
5. Slip Time - Young Magic (They have a unique Middle Eastern sound to their indie rock.)
6. Solar Fields - The Patience (has a Sigur Ros/90's vibe to it)
7. Nothing to Remember - Neko Case (off the Hunger Games soundtrack, so glad she contributed to it)
8. Lusitania - Andrew Bird (featuring St. Vincent, a waltzy, dream-like song)
9. Rules - Jayme Dee (another favorite off the Hunger Games soundtrack - I am digging the folk-sy feel to all the albums songs)
10. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star (a perennial favorite)

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