Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mixtape Monday's: Theatricality

Combine my love for fun.'s new album and my current involvement of acting in a play, and you would get this week's playlist inspired from Broadway tunes to modern pop-ballads ready for the stage.

1. Some Nights Intro - fun. (This band has the best Queen-esque sound. Their albums should be made into musicals.)
2. Some Nights - fun. (loving the percussion)
3. Elephant Love Medley - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
4. Love Today - Mika (This falsetto is undeniably inspired by Freddie Mercury.)
5. Speechless - Lady Gaga (super New York/Billy Joel influenced)
6. The Pitch/Spectacular, Spectacular - Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
7. Time Bomb - The Format (fun.'s former band)
8. Release the Stars - Rufus Wainwright (Rufus is always theatrical and dramatic to me)
9. What Is This Feeling? - Wicked Soundtrack
10. Tulsa - Rufus Wainwright
11. The Gambler - Fun.
12. King of Anything - Sara Bareilles

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