Saturday, March 3, 2012

Morocco & Spain Diana F+ Exposures

Spain Diana F+
Morocco Diana F+

The excitement of getting film developed never ceases. I used The Darkroom to expose my most recent roll of Diana F+ film, which included pictures from last October in Savannah and this past summer in Morocco and Spain. (I have now learned to not leave film so long in a toy camera - light leaks and traveling has it's effects of the raw film).
I had forgotten what exactly I had even photographed with this roll of film, but when looking at the pictures, my mind was overflowing with memories and the moments of capturing them.
I miss this time last year, when I was getting excited for an upcoming trip to a "far away land." I wish I had treasured that excitement and anticipation more, milked it to exhaustion, if that's even possible...
And I love the dream-like quality the Diana cameras produce, it's very apropos to how I view my travels abroad.

Morocco Diana F+Morocco Diana F+
Spain Diana F+Morocco Diana F+

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  1. I love the first photo, it seems to capture the moment and the longing for it so well.


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