Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Black & White Photography, Pt.1

photography 1
(Assignment 1: shallow depth of field)
photography 1
(Assignment 1: stop-motion)

After taking a film photography course this past semester, I can definitely say that I know more about my DSLR than ever before. I used my dad's old 35mm and it served me quite well. But with film, taking the photo is only half the process, and developing and printing is where the other half of creativity and discovery happens. You can spend 2 hours on printing a photo, burning and dodging and changing filters until its to your liking. And you can either end up loving your image more than when you started, or despising it due the negative's difficulties. 

Even though the course if over, I do hope to continue shooting with film time to time, it's quality is entirely different and incomparable to digital.
photography 1
(Assignment 1: blurred action)
photography 1
(Assignment 1: far depth of field)

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