Friday, May 11, 2012

NOLA: Eat.Walk.Shop.

NOLA po-boy 
Po-boys from Verti Marte

It seems like every time I go to New Orleans, my thoughts and worries of work and school, etc go away. There, I am in the moment focusing only on what I want to accomplish and see that day. We all forgot we were graduating soon and that when we came back to Charleston we would have to return to work and routine. Those things you just forget in New Orleans. It's lovely. 
NOLA NOLA co-op 
Here are some suggestions of places to eat/walk/shop/stay in NOLA:
> Walk up and down Magazine St. where there is great shopping and food - we ate delicious brunch at Riverluna and had Cinco de Mayo margaritas at Juan's Flying Burritto. It's impossible to have a bad meal in that city. 
>We walked to the New Orleans Food Co-Op (pictured above) for some healthy breakfast goodies and snacks
> Walking around the French Quarter is always a must. We ate some shrimp and oyster po-boys at Verti Marte. It's always the hole in the wall places that surprise you with both affordability and deliciousness. We split some po-boys and a pint of New Orleans Ice Cream Company Baked Alaska Ice Cream and devoured it all on a park bench in Jackson Square.
> We also loved shopping at Roux Royale for last minute and non-tacky souvenirs.
>As poor college students we stayed at a hostel downtown in the Bywater district in the Upper Ninth Ward. Bywater Speakeasy Hostel was super inexpensive, comfortable and safe - I highly recommend it if you're on a budget and its about a 30 min walk to the French Quarter. You also meet interesting people at hostels (we met tons of Austrailians!). 
>We explored our neighborhood which was very up-and-coming. We ate twice at Satsuma, once for dinner where I enjoyed some seafood chowder and for breakfast where I had a green breakfast sandwich and beet lemonade (Also Michael Fassbender who is currently filming in New Orleans was spotted there several times throughout the weekend. Of course we never saw him.)
> Explored the art galleries in the warehouse district. 

horse morning glories
nola Brunch 
Brunch at Riverluna


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  2. That po boy looks insanely delicious and I can't even begin to figure out what you ate at brunch, but it looks amazing. You've sold me on NOLA- beautiful photos, mindblowingly good food (would love to try that baked Alaska ice cream), escapism. I wish I could go right now!

    I just read your previous post and I'd heard about how great the music scene was in the city, but I didn't realize they had such a plethora of art- the photography museum sounds particularly intriguing.

    Thanks for reading my blog recently. I will be returning to the US after graduation. Although I've loved having such a wonderful opportunity to live and study abroad, being in Europe has made me realize just how American I actually am haha. I get a little homesick sometimes and because my visa is up in July anyway, it's time to return home for now (although I'm not ruling out Europe for the future. Now that I've lived here, I've realized it's really not that difficult or scary to move to another continent.) I'm heading back to the Midwest (I've missed it and grown to appreciate it more and more as I've gotten older). So I'm going to grad school next fall for a master's in journalism at the University of Missouri. Nevermind that I've never actually been to Missouri before, haha, although I've heard great things about Columbia. But Mizzou has a nationally renowned journalism school and I'm mostly going to polish my skills and gain a network and it's the perfect place to do that at. Cornfields, here I come!

    What about you? How are you 'prolonging' adulthood exactly? haha Are you still dreaming of moving to Chicago?

  3. new orleans is o. M list of places I'm dying to visit! I know I would love the food, culture, music and history! Your pictures are so gorgeous! You should seriously write a travel guide some day:)

  4. such great travel entries indeed!
    i am planning on going *somewhere* in August, if i can swing it financially. we'll see how much iceland wipes me out! how long will you be in charleston?

  5. I'm completely in awe of your work on this blog. It really made me wish I could go to New Orleans right now. The pictures of you are also absolutely gorgeous!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I'll definitely be back here (I'm adding you to bloglovin right away).


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