Friday, June 29, 2012

Black & White Photography, Pt.3

Our last project, and definitely the hardest, was portraits.
You want the portraits to be flattering and would like for the subject to be pleased with the result. It's like there is one extra person critiquing the photo besides the teacher and yourself: the subject, because the photograph shows exactly how the camera sees them, and perhaps not how they see themselves.
The subjects are the toughest critics on themselves.
And sometimes as the photographer, your favorite shot isn't always the most flattering, but because of composition and lighting, you like it the best and choose it.
I tried to make my portraits both to be both flattering and to my liking, but still remain honest.
No wonder why my teacher left portraits for the last project, they are tres difficile.
Dia de los muertos portraits of my roommate Kelsey
*tip: sunrise and sunset are the best time to photograph black and white film*
photo I
documentary portrait
Documentary portrait of a fellow actor, backstage, before a play I was in
Portrait of my friend Baker who is moving to L.A. You will be seeing him on a TV or movie screen very soon, I am very confident he will make it. 
Documentary self-portrait
photo 1
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  1. I have never enjoyed portrait photography, but I really admire you for embracing the challenges and these are all stunning photos as a result. I love the documentary photography ones because they aren't posed.

  2. P.S. Thanks for the shout out in your places I want to visit post. There are indeed a lot of gingers there! Also, Turkey is my next big travel destination too!


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