Saturday, June 16, 2012

Charleston Lately...

charleston lately
Sunset strolls along the battery ...  Washed Out performing my favorite song of theirs at the Music Farm  ... Chocolate and Beer pairings at Holy City Brewery ... Hosting a house show for our favorite Charleston musician and friend, Steven Fiore ... Hunting down all the food trucks that have Bahn Mi sandwiches ... Much needed stretching in yoga classes ... Staying in instead of going out
Charleston in the summer is so easy and care-free. I know it's not real life.


  1. Bhan Mi, staying in, beer pairings!? Charleston sounds ideal during the summer. I wish I could visit! How much longer are you staying there?

    1. I am leaving at the end of July when my lease is up - too soon!

  2. Sounds like such a fun summer! We are toying with the idea of *testing Charleston as a place to live :) Good to see it wont be a wasted effort. Hope you keep enjoying it!


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