Monday, June 25, 2012

Countries I Want to See. Pt. 4

Turkey seems like the perfect combination of Greece and Morocco, creating a world of it's own that I want to see so badly. Watching the video above is the only way I can "describe" how awesome this place looks. Between the hot air balloon rides over the unique landscape, to the colorful and thriving open air markets, Turkey is high on my list.
Bodach an Stòir, Skye. 31/05/10
Castle Stalker, Morven Hills
Cuillin Mountains
You would never imagine that an animated movie would make you want to visit a country, but that's exactly what Brave did. Also, after following Tess' blog about her life abroad in Scotland, I developed a strong desire to go see this green, magical, loch-ness land. With the 12% redhead population I would feel at home, too. Plus, Scottish accents are just fun (to hear and imitate).
**I highly recommend the movie Brave, no matter your age. It's adorable and heartwarming and addresses mother daughter relationships.
Kangaroo Australia
12 apostles
Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park, Western Australia
Baby Koala
Home of my favorite animal, actress and TV show, the koala bear, Nicole Kidman, and Summer Heights High respectively, I feel as though this is a country I need to go to. Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are must sees as far as cities go, but I would love to explore the great Outback and see the 12 Apostles along the coast. The natural rock formations are so interesting and picturesque. AND: I need to hold and cradle a koala.

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What countries do you want to see?

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  1. Living in Australia now for almost 6 months, I can only encourage you to take this looooong plane ride down under. Such an amazing country! I haven't seen the biggest part of it yet, so I am very excited to explore the next couple of years... And Turkey? One of my favorite countries ever. The food, the people, the cities, the landscape - all magical!! xx


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