Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charleston Diana F+ {B/W Film}

dianabw 2 
Pickin' strawberries 
dianabw 1 dianabw dianabw 3 dianabw 4 dianabw 6 dianabw 7 
Just got back these prints from a roll of black and white 120 film, taken this spring in Charleston. Getting my Diana film is like waiting for Christmas morning as a kid, I am excited and anxious to see what I got (and what turned out). 
I still think I prefer color film, when it comes to my toy camera, but the black and white is fitting to the retro look that this camera produces. I digitally made all these have a sepia tone, to add some more antiquity to it.
Even in a world of the convenient instagram and other retro-revival apps, I still want my Diana film. 
dianabw 8
A double exposure of the same image, but upside down too, of the Battery.
dianabw 9
favorite mansion in Charleston

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  1. I really want to invest in a Diana F+ camera, I think they take awesome photos. Charleston seems like a gorgeous city, I'd love to visit!


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