Thursday, August 2, 2012

Farewell, Charleston, I will always love you.

old city jail old city jailbelmont tiger paw
Top: Old City Jail on Magazine street, it's supposedly super haunted and located next to one of my favorite coffee shops, Black Tap.
Bottom: The Belmont, undoubtedly one of my favorite bars in Charleston. Classy is an understatement. My favorite drink there is the Tiger Paw, an amaretto-whisky sour topped with frothy egg whites. 
Randolph Hall on campus (at night)
I have said goodbye to Charleston.
 This summer went by so slow and then of course the last few weeks flew by. My decision to leave was not my favorite, but the most practical, and as an adultkindathing, I went with the later. Having graduated in May, I spent the last few months having the most wonderful and carefree time with my closest friends/roommates. Sure, we all worked, but none were serious, grown woman jobs and life was so spontaneous, you could always drop everything you were doing to go for a drive and dip into the ocean. Late nights were rarely spent at bars or parties, but at the closest Redbox or the grocery store for a midnight treat. Lying on a friends bed while talking about college memories and what we think of our futures - or driving to the battery to catch a lighting storm on the water occupied our time. 
This time in my life was precious and was rejuvenating. It was a reward for 4 challenging years of school.
If I were to stay in Charleston it would have only been for another year, where I would not have been able to save for Chicago (my dream) because I would be playing for rent, etc. It would be fun of course, but not a smart decision on my part. My decision to return home and work at my job I've for summers here was the most efficient one. Save money, not pay rent and put money towards apartments/acting classes in Chicago. In order to follow my dream, this was the next logical step.
I love Charleston and am glad that the last 2 years have made up for (and more) than the first 2 years. The friends I have met, the person I have become, the path that I am headed, is all thanks to that place.
It's going to take some time to not feel sad all the time and to readjust to living back home, but I am so glad that I loved Charleston and the people there so much, that I am sad. My emotions this past week have really portrayed to myself and others how much I loved life there. 
Many visits back and reunions amongst friends are already planned, but I cannot believe this next chapter of my life has begun, the REAL post-grad life. 

Charleston, I know we have had our ups and downs, but I love you, always.

Our humble abode of 85 Spring St. Too many hilarious moments were made here. I am going to miss the Elliotborough neighborhood so much, It was really up-and-coming, I cant wait to see it in a few years.


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always. It's sad leaving a place you love but thankfully you can always go back! Best of luck with your new chapter. I hope you can get to Chicago soon!

  2. Missing you always, my dear friend. The city glows a little less without you here.


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