Friday, August 31, 2012

To Travel and Trunks {Italy}

Meanwhile in Tuscany...
This particular view is when we stopped on the side of the road to have a picnic, we were eating cheeses and grapes and listening to Andrea Bocelli, so obviously my mom started crying. Tears of joy and beauty, of course. It was like she was watching a Hallmark commercial.
The beauty of Tuscany is indescribable and pictures can barely do it justice. 
We traveled around to so many hill towns in Tuscany, I couldn't even keep track of the names (they also all sound alike). 
italy lake como
Lake Como. Clooney and I could never pick a good time for lunch.
I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but I am taking all my pictures on my computer and uploading then onto my Flickr pro account. Over 8 years worth put in a private (you can set albums to private) and permanent place (for as long as I keep paying for my account). It's just another safety net if  - God forbid - both my computer and external hard drive fail. 
But anyways,
I've been looking back at high school pictures and trips I took with my parents, particularly our trip to Italy in 2008. 
As most my friends in college are studying abroad and many recently graduated friends are working or playing abroad, it's hard not to get travel-evny and feel void of adventure.
My time for that has come before and will come again, but the long interims in-between can make me impatient. 
Part of me wants to save money to go back to Italy for a few weeks and work on an olive grove, fitting this in between leaving my job at home in the spring and right before I move to Chicago. 
Just a little jaunt might cure the stir-craziness.

country house hills italia
Hail Mary
lake como 
A little offended George didn't take us out on his boat. He has so many, I am assuming.
tuscany tuscany 
San Gimingano, I do remember that name.
We stayed in an old farmhouse in San Gimignano (agriturismo as they are called), they can often be less expensive than hotels. It was the loveliest - and a very authentic experience.
lake como
Lake Como
italy san g
I SHOULD get used to this view everyday,  but I'll suffice as having it as my desktop wallpaper. 


  1. I have such amazing memories of my times abroad and talk incessantly about tea doing more- it's so hard once you're working full time!

    I didn't know you were moving to Chicago! We should try to get tether sometime. I that we'll both be in the Midwest! I'm just a couple of hrs from Chicago :)

  2. Looks like a dream, and you guys chose the perfect place for a picnic :)

    I know exactly what you mean about travel envy! I'm going a bit stir crazy in NYC even though I only have a few months left here before I go back to Paris. Well, I say, go for the little jaunt!! You won't regret it :) Have you heard of WOOFing?

  3. gorgeous pictures! i just came back from my Euro Trip -- i LOOOVED tuscany!!

    i'll def be back to check out more about your travels -- follow me back??


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