Monday, September 24, 2012

Mixtape Monday: Let it Fall

Owen Glidersleeve image via elephantine

And here, another Autumn-themed playlist:

1. Wooden Teeth - Seabear (very folksy)
2. People Got A Lotta Nerve - Neko Case (I always find her songs fit for Fall, love the catchy hook on this song too)
3. Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men (dramatic)
4. Keep Me - Lucy Schwartz (currently my favorite song, it's so lovely)
5. My Only Offer - Mates of State
6. Black Crow - Angus and Julia Stone
7. Never Coming Back Again - Fleetwood Mac (perfect for an Autumn drive in the mountains)
8. Sally - Johnny Flynn (These lyrics are great "I'm a fox and you're a burrow")
9. Acid Tongue - Jenny Lewis
10. Slowness - Calexico (I need more of their music, I love the country-vibe they have)
11. The Darkest Side - The Middle East
12. Atlas - Fanfarlo

Listen here:

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Heart of Tuscany

This little film above is a wonderful portrayal of Tuscany's indescribable beauty that I gushed about a while back. I love the quietness of this and how the heartbeats and breaths of the countryside serve as your soundtrack. 
Watch and listen.

(WARNING: lots of macro shots of insects, if that sort of think freaks you out)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quick Lunches {Niçoise Terrine}

After following many Swedish fashion blogs through the years, I've noticed that they love them some Niçoise salad, a plate of carefully arranged tomatoes, green beans, and other marinated veggies topped with tuna/anchovies and usually hard boiled eggs (and I am sure some sort of dressing).  
I wanted to try this one out at home, in to-go form, and without the anchovies (at this point I am diluting the whole idea, i think, but whatever).
And since putting birds on things got tired and became painting everything in chalkboard paint, I think putting anything in mason jars is the fad now.
My recipe for Niçoise Terrine isn't really a recipe at all, just take ingredients like marinated artichokes, boiled eggs, tomatoes, green beans, white beans, tuna, potatoes - whatever suits your fancy, layer it in a mason jar and top it off with some balsamic vinegar.

This combination I've made below was delicious:
Nicoise terrine

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mixtape Monday: Good Morning Scarecrow

Crafted Fall Leaves
Prepare yourself for many - a - Fall related posts and playlists in the next few months, as it is THE BEST time of the year. 

Here are some past posts:
I put together two mixtapes last fall as well, consisting of folksy, happy-warm hearted tunes (see here and here). And to kick off Autumn 2012, here is a playlist and 8track:

1. You Must Be Out Of Your Mind - The Magnetic Fields (such clever lyrics and the music reminds me of Fleetwood Mac)
2. Leftovers - Johnny Flynn (If you like Mumford and Sons, you will love this guy, plus he's easy on the eyes.)
3. Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons (This is a new track from a band who I think will be really big.)
4. Blood Brothers - Ingrid Michaelson
5. Freckles - Shel (This song is adorable and I love the country twang, they remind of the Dixie Chicks.)
6. Junk Queen - Catherine Feeny
7. Man on Fire - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (I don't think a Fall playlist would be complete without them)
8. Dear Chicago - Ryan Adams
9. Good Morning Scarecrow - Seabear (A song that reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are)
10. A Shot to The Stars - Whitley
11. From Finner - Of Monsters and Men (a great band hailing from Iceland)

Take a listen here:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autumn Pins {Pinterest}

It's a safe bet that Autumn is a favorite season of most people. I think it's the pumpkin-flavored everything, Halloween, Cosby thrifted-sweaters, and cooler weather that has something to do with it. 
Now that I am in Georgia, I am hoping for a real Fall - with colored leaves and all. In Charleston you would get evergreen Palmetto trees in place of changing trees (read: I LOVE palm trees, making this a tough choice of which is more awesome, though I think fall leaves would win).

More on my love letter to Fall later... here are some Autumn pins from my Pinterest board.
I want to live in all of these images.

{pin it / source} // {pin it / source}
Roasted Butternut and Sweet Potato Whole Wheat Lasagna
Ginger Ale/Cider/Bourbon                                       Caramel Apple Bites
{pin it / source}                                                      {pin it / source}

                      ................                                   Pumpkin Risotto with Seared Scallops
{pin it / source}                                                {pin it / source}

Pumpkin S'mores Cake

 White Chicken Chili                                                            ..................
{pin it / source}                                                                    {pin it


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{No-Bake} Snickers Pie

snicker's pie
My dad's favorite candy bar is Snickers, which is why last year I made him Homemade Snickers Candy Bars for his birthday. I continued in that tradition this year with a easy, no-bake Snickers Pie. 
It's light, surprisingly peanut-y and very creamy - even more delicious than I thought it would be. You won't believe how easy it is either.

{No-Bake} Snickers Pie
(adapted from this recipe)

1 graham cracker pie crust (9-inch)
2 cups heavy whipping cream, whipped
1 can fat-free sweetened condensed milk (you can't tell it's fat-free once it's in here)
8 ounces 1/3 less fat cream cheese
1/4 cup caramel sauce, plus 1 tablespoon for drizzling (I bet Trader Joe's Fleur de Sel Caramel sauce would be amazing too)
4 Snickers Bars, roughly chopped

Beat together the condensed milk, cream cheese and caramel until completely smooth. Fold in the whipped cream until just incorporated. Fold 3/4 of Snickers into the pie filling. Spread the filling into the pie crust.
Finally, drizzle the top with the remaining caramel and scatter the rest of the Snickers pieces on top. Chill the pie for at least 3 hours serving.

It's been the best breakfast.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Albums I Will Always Love: Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins, Rabbit Fur Coat

I've decided to start a new series on my blog, "Albums I Will Always Love," where I will discuss why this particular album is wonderful and timeless to me.

First Up:

Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
Rabbit Fur Coat

This album has remained my most played since 2006. It's what made me fell in love with Jenny, along with her involvement in Rilo Kiley. Her voice is at it's peak on this album and the Watson Twins round out her sound with perfect harmonization. 
Rabbit Fur Coat is a bit country (?), southern church soul and sunshine indie pop. Jenny is full of insight and wit in her lyrics too. I still have epiphanies with her lyrics, each time I listen.
She channels everyone from Loretta Lynne, on her most retro-country tunes, to 60's French icon Catherine Deneuve, on a French new-wave inspired song. There is a Jenny Lewis song for every mood I'm in. 
This album has already passed the test of time for me, because I have already outgrown most my favorite music from high school, except for this gem.

Because we live in a house of mirrors
We see our fears and everything
Our songs, faces, and second hand clothes
But more and more we're suffering
Not nobody, not a thousand beers
Will keep us from feeling so all alone
- You Are What You Love
It's hard to believe your prophets 
When they're asking you to change things 
But with their suspect lives we look the other way 
Are you really that pure, Sir? 
Thought I saw you in Vegas 
It was not pretty, but she was 
- Rise Up With Fists (see video below)

Check out: "The Big Guns" a great opener than makes you want to dosey doe, "Melt Your Heart" a lulling, sweet song with lyrics such as "It's like a Valentine from your mother," and "You Are What You Love" very French new-wave cinema.

Buy: Amazon | iTunes

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Atlanta Lately...

Decatur anthro anthro anthro friends 
Sundays spent exploring Atlanta ... Enchanted by the window and in-store displays at Anthropologie ... Taking evening walks in the countryside while listening to this song ... Hanging out with my best friends from high school ... Thrilled at the amount of money I am saving by living at home ... Finally watching Girls ... Appreciating the creativity and challenges my job (as seen below) gives me ...

I cannot believe I have been home for a month now, but I feel more settled and adjusted than I once did. I am trying to appreciate this time in my life and always remain present.
However, I am glad August is over, I never liked that month anyways.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Mixtape Monday: Summer's End

I guess it's Labor Day that marks the "end"of summer politically and commercially, but I will still hold the day before the autumn equinox to be so. The weather has already gotten crisper and I am all about that change.
 It's been a beautiful and memorable summer and I am very sad to say goodbye to it. 
But here, I offer an end of summer playlist, one last blow-out before the fall comes. 

1. Dreams So Real - Metric (Been listening to their new album lately and my high school self couldn't be happier. This song is almost like an anthem.)
2. Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding (so excited about her new album, this first single is very uplifting)
3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Starf*cker (dance-floor ready cover)
4. Runaways - The Killers (Fun Fact: Brandon Flowers, the lead singer, has had the most cameos in my dreams than anyone, ever.)
5. Up All Night - Best Coast (Reminds me of a slow dance song at prom)
6. The Suburbs  - Arcade Fire (It's where I currently am, and evokes memories of summers as a kid)
7. Dearly Departed - Devotchka
8. No One Like You - Best Coast
9. Too Late - M83 (a loving farewell song)
10. Reprise - Devotchka (a nice instrumental piece to round out the summer)
I thought this little video was a simple, beautiful ode to the pleasures of summer:
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