Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Atlanta Lately...

Decatur anthro anthro anthro friends 
Sundays spent exploring Atlanta ... Enchanted by the window and in-store displays at Anthropologie ... Taking evening walks in the countryside while listening to this song ... Hanging out with my best friends from high school ... Thrilled at the amount of money I am saving by living at home ... Finally watching Girls ... Appreciating the creativity and challenges my job (as seen below) gives me ...

I cannot believe I have been home for a month now, but I feel more settled and adjusted than I once did. I am trying to appreciate this time in my life and always remain present.
However, I am glad August is over, I never liked that month anyways.



  1. you are SO talented! looks like you've been having lots of fun on the job :) i would love for you to contribute the mag in any of your expertise- diy/baking/entertaining/travel/whatever you'd like-- shoot me an email!

  2. I'm loving all of the colors in these photos, and especially that fun cake! My brother went to college in Atlanta and whenever I would visit him, I remember going on long walks and admiring the charming tree-lined streets and houses :)

  3. The window displays are lovely, and I would also guess, so very "you"! It looks like your having the most fun job ever :D


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