Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Carmel & the Coast {Day 6}

carmel carmel church 
candles in the Carmel Mission
church carmel 
We started our morning by going to mass at the Carmel Mission, a 16th century Spanish church. It was quaint and well-preserved, the art, use of colors and even the music was a reflection of the church's heritage. If I were to ever have a destination wedding, it would be here. It's like stepping back in time but on another continent. 
We happened to be there for a Fiesta in their courtyard featuring a Mariachi band, local art vendors and margaritas. This is my kind of church.
We left the Mission and hit the road for the coast, picking up fried calamari steak sandwiches at Sea Harvest Fish Market and Restaurant (my dad has been bragging about these sandwiches for years and they surpassed my expectations) on the way. Drove along the coast, but unfortunately the whole weekend was very groggy and overcast. It was really hard to see the rocks and cliffs at times, and sometimes even the water. Kinda disappointing weather, but the views were still beautiful and different from anything on the East coast.

 We ended the evening by walking downtown Carmel, which is simultaneously swanky and adorable. It's filled with upscale stores - chain and local - and European restaurants. It's impossible to see it all. The architecture downtown ranges from fairytale German cottages to Moroccan influenced tiled buildings. It surprisingly all goes well together (don't think Epcot).

I want to go back to there.
carmel carmel coast
 the violent coast

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