Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Charleston Lately...

a new-found "secret" spot in Charleston
vern bon banh mi vern vern and claire
Dipping into the ocean fully clothed // deliciousness from Bon Banh Mi // the solution of swimming with your clothes on and having to drive = Smithsonian poncho from 2001 // We're just bein' Miley!

I went back to Charleston for the first time since I left in August the other weekend, and I had some uneasiness of returning to my college town and 4-year home. I feared that I would have missed out on all these inside jokes that I would never know the root of, that I would be really upset with myself for leaving, and that certain friendships would feel different. 
None of this happened, of course, because I tend to overanalyze things and mull over it like it's hot apple cider. 
It was perfect (though it would have been even more so if one more friend could have made it, but Texas is tres far). It's lovely how with tried and true friends, you can so easily slip into where you left off. We didn't miss a beat. There was so much to talk about in person that you can't always get in over the phone, so we barely slept. We ate at all our old favorites eateries, visited a few of our favorite bars, and just reveled in being in each other's company again. 
I was so focused on hanging out with friends, I barely even saw the city - never went to the Battery or walked around Broad. I guess which is why when I left, I knew Charleston wasn't mine anymore. Not in a bad way, though. I saw it as someone else's, all the new students who are about to make amazing friends and explore the beautiful city. And as my friends who have decided to stay and start careers there, it's theirs now and it will be different for them than the last 4 years were.
Not that I ever needed closure with Charleston, but the visit was a reassurance that I truly am doing the right thing my moving home to save money and continuing on to Chicago, where I don't know anyone. But that's how Charleston started too, and look what it got me - life-long, loyal friends.

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