Tuesday, October 2, 2012

San Francisco {Day 2}

cool mural in the Mission
sf sf

 Our 2nd day, we slept in and started adjusting to the time change. 
Started the afternoon off with some delicious Banh Mi's (as seen below) at Latte Express, then wondered up to the tallest floor a hotel to see the city. I guess my camera's polarizer filter through the hotel glass made the sky have a cool rainbow effect, it was a nice surprise.
Kinda got lost on our way to the Mission district, but finally made it. I wish we had more time to shop and look around there, we had no idea it would be a colorful and awesome as it was. It's home to some of the most unique shops and bakeries:

Paxton Gate is a store full of playful taxidermy animals, interesting books, terrariums and succulents - lots of succulents (one of the many things I love about California is that succulents are everywhere). They also have a neat kids store on the same block.
The Pirate Supply Store is something to behold. Full of products such as mermaid bait, eye patches, hooks and beard extensions. I've never seen such a place or wanted a fantasy world like that to exist so badly. It's very well done - not the least Disney-est or Halloween-y.
The Curisoity Shoppe is also a must visit for adorable knick-knacks and stationery supplies (currently they are one of the Shops at Target too).

The Mission district is also home to a world renown bakery: Tartine (I have been dying to go)!
Mom and I split a Coconut Cream Tart and it was divine. We snacked al fresco in the beautiful, chilly San Fran weather and drank lattes out of bowls.

I think I left my heart in San Francisco.
so cheesy, but I had to
banh mi DSC_0128 mission
inside Paxton Gate
mission mission 
see all the succulents??
sf shop
Tartine's Coconut Cream Tart
sf tartine sf sf


  1. Such great photos you posted. SF is such a great city in all aspects!

  2. wow!! I love your photos of San Fran. they're really good. I am following you because I cannot wait to see more! :)



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