Thursday, October 4, 2012

San Francisco {Day 3}

coit tower coit tower 
kinda liked my faint reflection in the window
ferry building ferry building

Day 3 in San Francisco started off with a sunrise walk along the wharf, before all the tourists crowd the boardwalk and the sun gilds the windows across the bay. It was peaceful and refreshing, I highly recommend it! 
We wandered around the Ferry Building for lunch. This huge warehouse (?) is home to many gourmet shops and deli's and twice a week have a farmer's market and food truck rodes. We did not leave this place hungry or short of recipe ideas. We got some delicious Korean Tacos from Namu street stall, and sampled some healthy, Asian-fusion food at Delica.
Took a bus up to Coit Tower (worth it for just the ride uphill alone - thrilling!) and captured the city skyline. 
We completed the day in Little Italy where we sat and enjoyed some delicious gelato. In North Beach (Little Italy), you really do feel as though you are in Italia - from the grassy, piazza in front of the Catholic church to the authentic Italian pottery shops, not to mention the fact that native Italians own all the restaurants. 
San Francisco is so full of vibrant, resilient cultures that have not only adapted to the city but have helped mold it to fit them and their families as well. 

**Also forgot to mention that the previous day we ate dinner at Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House. Yes, it is all in one, who would have thought that an Irish pub atmosphere and Indian food would go so well together? It works for them and the food is perfectly spiced and prepared.

morning walk 
morning sunrise
the sea lions at the wharf
morning walk coit tower ferry building ferry building ferry building coit tower  
coit morning walk

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