Wednesday, October 24, 2012

San Francisco {Day 5}

Zinnias at Golden Gate Park
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Palace of the Fine Arts
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We fit a lot in on our last day in the Bay Area before heading up along the coast.
Started by picture-taking at the Greco-Roman inspired Palace of Fine Arts. I still cannot fathom how huge and authentic it was. It's was overwhelming but beautiful - not the least bit fake. Definitely a must see.
We then drove over the Golden Gate for an afternoon in Sausalito, an adorable, upscale "fishing town". We had a picnic in the shade by the water (delicious sandwiches and sides from Golden Gate Market). Beware of sitting under trees that birds inhabit. My hair found out the hard way.
After, we strolled along the main shopping strip. Sausalito has a very Italian feel to it (as if the name doesn't already hint at it).
Before leaving for the scenic highway, we stopped by Golden Gate Park to wander around (all the flower pictures were taken there). There were at least 3 weddings going on in the humongous park. We certainly didn't see it all, but that's why there is always a next time.
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  1. beautiful shots!


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