Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big Sur & the Coast {Day 7}

big sur 
can't get enough of the water's color
big sur big sur big sur 
Our last day spent in NorCal was exploring Big Sur and the surrounding scenic highway. Unfortunately, that darn fog overcast the whole weekend, but it did make for some moody, Arctic looking seascapes. I still can't get over how aqua and clean the water looked.
I know Big Sur is a sight to see on a sunny day, where you can see the boulders for miles and the sun sparkles on the water, but that's why I will just have to return!

Despite the weather, I was still captivated by beauty of the coast.
am I in Ireland?
coast coast 
At times it was so overcast and dreary - this picture looks like it was taken in black and white,  and it wasn't.
coast coast coast


  1. Gorgeous! I think these are my favorite photos from your trip.

  2. Wow. I actually love the way the ocean looks so moody and the sky is so overcast... stunning!! Hope you had a great time in California :)

  3. These photos are amazing! It looks like one of those places that could be beautiful regardless of the weather.


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