Thursday, January 17, 2013

Countries I Want to See, Pt.5

Colorful Alley - Aspects of Prague (EXPLORED)
Praha okt-11-1438
Czech Republic
I've heard from numerous people that Prague is simply the most beautiful city in Europe. That it combines all the architecture of the various countries, and blends it into one, cohesive city. From what I can tell in pictures, I love the brightly painted buildings and the contrast of the ionized copper domes and brick-tile roofs (aqua and rust are my favorite colors). I guess I must see it for myself to determine if it is the "best" city in Europe.

I have a huge interest in the Middle East, I guess because it seems so exotic and off-limits, it intrigues me. Unfortunately, who knows when that area will ever be safe again for travelers (only the truly brave go). Israel, to me, still seems like the safest of those countries, even with the ongoing strife there now. It's the only true democracy in the Middle East, and I admire their perseverance to remain so. Especially  Jerusalem being the center and start of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism - it holds so much history, and I am interested in learning all sides of it. I love that it's a place of pilgrimage for so many, people saving their whole lives to make the trip, makes that place seem that more sacred.
(I really love the dramatics of the video above)

Nyhavn Copenhagen

My partner in hilarity and crime, Vern, is currently working abroad over in Denmark, which piqued my interest in the country. You should check out her blog, As the World Verns, its funny and filled with all sorts of insight and observations of her time in Aarhus. I hope she gets to the shores Copenhagen (above) or the countryside (also above), I'd love to hear her take on these picturesque places. You've got to watch the video I put above, It's this walkable rainbow panorama overlooking the city of Aarhus. Such a neat concept, I'm a sucker for anything resembling a rainbow.
Right now I've got friends all over the world - and they all have blogs!
My bestestsisterfriend, Victoria will be in Brisbane, Australia for 2 years at medical school. Her blog is Koality Time with Victoria, and I cannot wait for more posts on Australianisms and all the adorable animals that she sees and cuddles. I would love to visit her if I can somehow cough up the money. 

My love and ginger soul(less)sister Kelsey is currently in Peru (SO JEALOUS) volunteering and climbing Machu Picchu (soon). Her tumblr is la ruta natural (or Kelseesworld). She promised me many pictures of llamas that she will bind in a book and give to me at Christmas. Thanks in advance, Kelsey.

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