Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sassy Sugar Cookies

bra cookies
I decorated these sassy little bra and pantie cookies at work a few months ago, and was recently thinking how appropriate they are for Valentines Day. 
Use any favorite sugar cookie or shortbread recipe you like (or store bought dough) and cut out large hearts from rolled dough. Cut off the tip of the heart and bake. When cookies are cool, decorate to look like bras and panties with buttercream icing. 
I giggle every time I look at these, they are pretty hilarious...about as sexy as cookies can be I guess! Unless there are cookies with Tom Hardy's face on them, then those would win - hands down.


  1. Adorable! "As sexy as cookies can be" is right! :)

  2. these are SO pretty! i love how sophisticated they still look- would be great for a bachelorette party


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